It is a foundational belief of the firm to utilise all that we can, to create a more just and sustainable world. More than just utilising the services of Benevolence Financial Group and seeking ethical loans, there are many sustainable practices involved in home ownership.
If you are one of our clients or are just interested in making a positive impact by the goods and services you consume, we encourage you to look into the following businesses. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just just some examples to think about the impact you can have by making everyday decisions.
  • Powershop

  • All of our customer’s energy usage is certified 100% carbon neutral – at no additional fee. We’re also proudly owned by one of Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy generators, Meridian Energy”. Meridian owns two wind farms with contracts from solar and wind farms while planning to acquire several hydro power plants in NSW.

  • Diamond Energy

  • Diamond Energy is a ‘beyond carbon neutral’ energy retailer that utilises renewable energies. The company owns biogas power plants and has over a thousand rooftop solar installations.

  • Energy Locals

  • A 100% carbon neutral provider with a commitment to local charities and communities, partnering with Australian organisations to invest half its profits in sustainable projects.

  • Enova Energy

  • Community owned retailer utilising renewable energy that is locally generated, stored and distributed. Sources energy from customer rooftops and partnered with Diamond Energy. The company commits 50% of profits to community based projects.

  • Greenpower

  • Your purchase supports Australian renewables, reduces your emissions and contributes to a healthy future.

  • Australian Ethical

  • Managed funds that have a focus on investing in ethical, sustainable, well managed companies in growing sectors.

  • AMP Capital

  • A diverse genuine investment strategy that makes an impact while maintaining a lead within the industry.

  • Responsible Investment Association Australasia

  • The RIAA promotes responsible and sustainable investing throughout Australia and the world. The company's investment strategy is committed to ‘achieving a healthy society, environment and economy.

  • Ethical Investment Advisers

  • An ethical, environmental and sustainable approach to investment advice. “By integrating the social, environmental and financial aspects of an investment, we believe that a more sustainable investment return is possible”.

  • Eco Real Estate

  • Provides services that promote sustainable living through protecting, conserving and promoting environmental property.

  • Property Initiatives Real Estate - Women’s property Initiatives

  • “100 percent of our profits are used to provide secure and permanent homes for women and children facing homelessness.”

  • Key2 Realty

  • Property management services where all profits go toward a local not-for-profit community housing provider Pacific Link Housing.

  • Homeground Real Estate Sydney

  • A social Enterprise of Bridging Housing Ltd, where property management services are offered with profits going toward community housing.

  • Red Energy

  • Rated the best solar provider two years in a row, the company aims to reduce carbon emissions and costs through sustainable solar energy systems.

  • SolarGain

  • With over 65,000 installations, SolarGain is committed to providing environmentally friendly and cost effective energy systems across the country.

  • Origin

  • Australia’s biggest energy provider also offers solar products. Catering to individual customer requirements Origin provides sustainable systems at competitive rates.

  • IKEA

  • IKEA is committed to sustainable practices offering a range of products that are affordable, recyclable, and have an energy-effective product design.

  • Thankyou.

  • A social enterprise with a goal to end extreme poverty, that offers a number of consumer goods. Thankyou has already raised over $17 million AUD, partnering with a number of charities committed to this sustainable future.

  • QBE Insurance Group Limited.

  • QBE is a sustainable insurance company and also Finder's Green Insurer of the Year 2021 award winner. The company is sourcing more than 60% of their energy from renewable sources.

  • HIF Health Insurance Fund Australia

  • Australia’s first carbon neutral health fund currently purchasing carbon offsets and focused on reducing fossil fuel emissions, improving public health and environmental degradation.

  • Allianz

  • Committed to mitigating and managing environmental impact and supporting disaster resilience and response.

  • Belong

  • Australia’s first carbon neutral provider. The company have offset their emissions by investing in Australian renewable energy projects such as Murra Warra Wind Farm in Victoria and Emerald Solar Park in Queensland.

  • Start Broadband

  • Committed to bringing internet to low income families. The company is involved in many community projects such as equal access to education, employment opportunities, social inclusion, and improved digital literacy.

  • Felix mobile

  • A carbon neutral firm that invests in environmentally sustainable projects. With a single phone plane, Felix utilises 100% renewable energy while pledging to plant a tree per customer per month.

  • Deloitte

  • Providing full-service solutions involving strategy, leadership, culture, advice, measurement and reporting, Deloitte advises on the important sustainability and climate change practises.

  • KPMG

  • Helping businesses understand market conditions and trends in order to “create a business-driven sustainability strategy”.

  • Responsible Investment Association Australasia

  • The RIAA promotes responsible and sustainable investing throughout Australia and the world. The company's investment strategy is committed to ‘achieving a healthy society, environment and economy’.

  • Australian Ethical

  • Managed funds that have a focus on investing in ethical, sustainable, well managed companies in growing sectors.

  • Australian Super

  • A member first super fund that doesn't pay dividends, but rather only benefits members.

  • Future Super

  • An environmental superfund focused on sustainable and innovative climate investments. The fund has a balanced index, balanced impact and the highest climate solutions target allocation.

  • 86 400

  • A fast growing digital bank focused on investing in ethical and sustainable industries. Through transparency and competitive rate, 86 400 is committed to socially responsible practices.

  • Firstmac

  • Firstmac greatly supports environmentally sustainable practices and giving back to the community. Firstmac is a major supporter of the Steve Waugh Foundation supporting children with rare diseases.

  • Bank Australia

  • A customer owned bank fully committed to investing in ethical and sustainable projects. The bank is carbon neutral with commitments in renewable energy, environment conservation, and Aboriginal services.

  • Teachers Mutual Bank

  • Recognised by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, Teachers Mutual Bank offers socially responsible products that have a positive impact.

  • UBank

  • The Green Term Deposit offered by UBank invests in environmentally sustainable projects, including wind and solar energy, and low carbon transport and buildings.

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