About Us

The BFG Story

Working in banking, we saw the effects and revelations of the Royal Banking Commission. With a deep sense of responsibility and desire of creating a better world, Benevolence Financial Group was founded with the sole thought “What if the most mistrusted industry became the leading force for sustainable change in the world?”.

Benevolence Financial Group is the the first social enterprise mortgage brokerage firm in Sydney specialising in home loans with a purpose, where 50% of profits made are invested to build affordable housing for families in need. We call it a home for home because when you get your home loan another family get a home built.

What We Stand For

Our Vision

A future in which every purchase shapes a just and sustainable world.

Our Purpose

Using the power of finance to create a better future for our customers, communities and the planet.

How It Works


Finance The Right Option For You

We start off by getting a strong understanding of your needs, current position, and ideal lifestyle.
We then compare the market to find the right home loan suitable for your objectives – short, medium & long term.

Connect, Partner & Monitor

We introduce you to the people who can help you achieve maximum financial gain.
We work alongside your trusted adviser or give you access to our trusted market specialists.


At no cost to you, we invest on your behalf up to 50% of our commissions to help families like yours get a home. When you get your home loan, another family gets a home. We call it a home for home.

Our Services

Whatever your financial needs, we can get you market-ready to take this step with confidence and financial backing.

First Home Buyers
Business Loans & Asset Finances
Financial Planning & Insurances
Conveyancing, Legal & Accounting
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